Rodney D. Myers


I am an independent scholar who teaches, consults, researches, and writes about instructional design and technology. I'm currently teaching graduate classes at Indiana University. I'm also consulting with Critique LLC on the design and development of a cloud-based platform to facilitate peer feedback.

Along with Charlie Reigeluth and Brian Beatty, I recently edited the book Instructional-Design Theories and Models, Vol. IV: The Learner-Centered Paradigm of Education (link to Amazon) published by Routledge in 2016. Here are pre-publication versions of two chapters I co-authored for the book:

I also recently completed a six-month engagement with GP Strategies as the lead designer of a simulation-game for sales manager training in the insurance industry.

My research is broadly oriented toward exploring how to design and use emerging technologies to create meaningful and memorable learning experiences.  My current research focuses on how online learning experiences—games and simulations in particular—can be designed so that they effectively promote learning while remaining engaging and motivating. Related to that, I am exploring how learning analytics can be used to understand and assess online learning experiences.

Brief Biography

I've been involved in higher education for over thirty years as a student, a faculty member, and a technology specialist.

I earned a B.A. and M.A. in English at Ball State University and taught composition and rhetoric for a few years. I then studied film production and screenwriting at De Anza College, where I wrote and/or directed several award-winning short films with my brother. I was an early adopter of the Web and served as University Webmaster for Santa Clara University for two years, followed by stints as an animator (for Blue Mountain Arts) and a design technologist for a Web consulting spinoff of SRI just before the dotcom bubble burst.

In 2006 I earned an M.A. in Instructional Technology at San Jose State University, where the faculty chose me for the "Richard B. Lewis Outstanding Graduate Student" award. Feel free to browse my portfolio.

In 2012 I earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. I am especially interested in the design and use of games and simulations for learning. For my dissertation (which was awarded "Dissertation of the Year" by the faculty), I proposed and tested a method for using pattern analysis to verify the accuracy of a simulation/game's computational model.


In my spare time I like to read, cook/bake, and play board/card/video games. I'm an award-winning homebrewer, and I occasionally write about craft beer for