EDIT 271: Web-based Learning
Rod Myers

Working with Snippets

Goal: Create a snippet to add a scrollable table to a page.

Objectives: After this lesson, you will be able to ...

Prerequisites: You should know how to define a site in Dreamweaver and create a basic Web page.



Snippets are useful bits of code that can be inserted into a Web page. Dreamweaver comes with a variety of snippets which allow you quickly and easily to insert headers, footers, navigation elements, form elements, tables, Javascript functions, and other frequently used elements into a Web page. But you're not limited to the snippets that come with Dreamweaver. You can create your own snippets for elements that you frequently use.

In this lesson you will create a snippet to insert a scrollable table. You will use some prewritten HTML and CSS code to create the snippet. Then you will insert your new snippet into a Web page and view the results. Finally, you will customize the design of the scrollable table and edit your snippet so that it contains your customized code. In the beginning, the table will look like this:

Scrollable Table


First you'll learn about the Snippets Panel ...

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