Module on Flash Learning Objects


Most instructional design students at SJSU learn how to use Macromedia's Flash authoring software. Flash has a library of learning interaction components that can be used to develop online assessment instruments. In this module you will learn how to customize the learning interactions in a quiz template to create an online assessment instrument.

Getting Started

This module will take approximately one hour to complete. It consists of a series of nine Flash movies which demonstrate the steps to modify a Drag and Drop learning interaction in a quiz template.

You will not need the Flash authoring software to view the demonstrations; however, it would be a good idea to use Flash to follow along with the demonstrations, so that you can practice what you learn. It will probably take longer than one hour though.

When you are finished watching the demonstrations, you will be instructed to download a file and use the Flash authoring software (either Flash MX or Flash 8) to customize a Drag and Drop quiz. You will upload your Flash movie to Blackboard so that I can review the results.

I recommend that you start at the beginning ... but if you're returning to this courselet you can jump to lessons via the Assignments link.

Outline of Assignments


    1. Opening a quiz template [01:14]
    2. Modifying the Welcome and Results screens [00:52]
    3. Configuring the quiz options [01:43]
    4. Configuring the Drag and Drop Interaction [04:19]
    5. Customizing the Drag and Drop Interaction [02:47]
    6. Renaming Drag and Target objects [02:07]
    7. Adding a Drag object [01:14]
    8. Associating new Drag and Target objects [02:33]
    9. Deleting unwanted learning interactions [01:58]

Review and Final Assignment