Utilization of Knowledge

The utilization domain encompasses delivering the instruction as planned in the design and development phases of the process. This phase in particular employs formative evaluation to identify necessary revisions to the instructional materials and strategies. This domain includes the knowledge base of theory and research which guide the practice of instructional design.

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Today’s youth are different from previous generations in their greater access to computing and communications technologies. Games are a key part of their culture, and gaming has influenced their learning styles and preferences. Educators and trainers can take advantage of the power of games to engage and motivate learners by applying the principles of instructional design to the use of games for instruction. The challenge to instructional technologists is to develop the “l337 5k!lzWikipedia definition opens in a new window (elite skills) required for effective design and development of instruction for the Games Generation. This paper examines why and how games can be used to support learning.

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Interview with an Instructional Technologist


Interview screenshotFor this small group project we videotaped an interview with David Armstrong, an Instructional Technology Specialist at Santa Clara University. My responsibilities on the project included shooting and editing the video and building a presentation slideshow in Flash. I used a QuickTime extension to convert the footage to the Flash video format (FLV), making it easier to stream the video.

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